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Pc-cillin is a very comprehensive anti-virus and security defense software, providing users with XGen intelligent anti-virus, phishing site protection, file encryption, ransomware defense,WiFi security detection, system optimization and other functions.
XGen intelligent anti-virus:
Integrated AI artificial intelligence multilevel defense technology, automatically detect and block various unknown threats, ransomware, viruses and trojans.
Peace of mind online shopping:
Proactively detect fraudulent SSL website security credentials to prevent your online transaction data from being threatened by insecure network Banks or shopping websites.
Innovative extortion buster:
Comprehensive protection against ransomware malicious encrypted files, protect your computer, cloud synchronization space and external storage device important data.
WiFi security detection:
Can automatically block unknown network online intrusion into your computer.
Prevent and prevent online fraud:
Automatic detection and prevent phishing phishing emails and spam, prevent your personal data from being cheated or stolen by hackers.
One-key optimization speed up:
Fast optimization of computer, mobile phone performance, not only can help you fix common system problems, but also can perform cleaning and get the best performance, speed up your computer and mobile phone,* only supportWindows operating system.
File safe:
Encryption of important files with 128 bits, even if the computer lost can also be deleted remotely, prevent leakage.* Windows only supported.
Protect social privacy:
Exclusive community privacy security, easy to check social networks such as sina weibo privacy Settings, to avoid your social network every move is seen!* Windows only supported.
Block malicious sites:
Proactively detect and alert malicious links in websites, social networks and emails to prevent your online devices from being exposed to cyber threats such as viruses, ransomware or spyware, and underage Internet security.Automatic filtering pornography, violence and other bad website content and images, but also manage children’s Internet time and computer use time,* Internet time management function only support the Windows operating system.