Norton AntiVirus

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Norton AntiVirus is a professional computer security protection and maintenance software, with active defense virus, intelligent scanning files, program management, computer scanning and other functions.
The software features
1. Comprehensive protection of information assets:We will closely guard against attacks by hackers, viruses, trojans, spyware and worms.Comprehensive information about your assets, such as account password, network property, important documents, etc.
Intelligent virus analysis technology,After analyzing and identifying the unknown virus, the dynamic simulation anti-virus expert system can automatically extract the characteristic value of the virus and automatically upgrade the local virus characteristic value library”Capture, analysis, upgrade” intelligence of unknown virus.
2. Self-protection mechanism:Driver level security protection mechanism, to prevent themselves from being damaged by viruses and lost the protection of the computer system.
3. Attack protection ability:Even if the vulnerability of Windows system is not repaired, it can still effectively detect the hacker’s use of the vulnerability to carry out overflow attack and invasion, real-time protectionComputer security.Avoid security risks caused by users’ inconvenience in installing system patches.
4. Accurately locate the attack source:When intercepting a remote attack, synchronously record the IP address of the remote computer accurately, assist the user to attack the source quickly and accurately, and provide accurate geography of the attacking computerLocation, to achieve the global positioning of the attack source
Achieve a higher level of security:Comprehensive protection capabilities, including computer backup and online home device security features, can protect yourself and your loved ones.Powerful anti – malware protection against electronic threats across operating systems.SONAR active behavior protection and all-weather real-time threat monitoring, by checking your computer for suspicious activities to predict, detect and eliminate the threat that has not yet appeared.Global smart cloud protection can also provide additional security protection for users by identifying new threats and their sources through NORTON community defense’s security and data.
NORTON global intelligent cloud protection:The latest SONAR2 active behavior protection, that is, call cloud virus definition of the cloud, combined with local definition of virus detection technology.In addition to defending against viruses, it is wiseDocument analysis also benefits from this technique.It can monitor and kill unknown virus in real time without virus definition file, and operate in coordination with global intelligent cloud protectionIt is more efficient to kill malicious viruses.Through NORTON global intelligent cloud protection system, users can also download their own behavior with the existing 58 million NORTON community defense(Norton Community Watch) to determine the risk level of the current download, just like users score their Internet credit.The northThe important data source of dunn technology is from more than 200 countries around the world.
Heuristic artificial intelligence engine:By automatically analyzing malware to expand our response to cyber threats and combining machine learning tools with deep learning technologies, we can protect you in real time from zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.Through the analysis and classification of virus samples to form the sample vector and vector machine, then establish a machine learning decision machine model, using decision tree and vector machine to learn a large number of samples, so as to identify malicious programs or non-malicious programs.And the more samples in the virus library, the faster and more accurate the smart engine will be.Intelligent engines, which use artificial intelligence, are redefining antivirus software.
Anti-virus protection, performance and availability of outstanding performanceNorton Security was awarded the award of av-test product of the year