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McAfee’s anti-virus software runs silently in the background and has unparalleled performance.It will not reduce the speed of the PC, the fast boot, shutdown scanning has a very good efficiency.McAfee anti-virus software is the next generation of scanning engine, with fast speed and the process and the characteristics of the digital file for a full scan, can help users to detect and remove viruses, and at the same time it also has VShield automatic monitoring System, the resident will be in the System Tray, when you are on the disk, network, E-mail clip file open files will automatically detect file security.
Whether you are an expert or a novice, the McAfee VirusScan Plus combination of anti-virus and firewall allows everyone to achieve critical PC protection without any problems, protect their PC from viruses and spyware, and protect against hacker attacks through the included firewall.
McAfee VirusScan Plus, a combination of anti-virus and firewall, is now available. The software USES revolutionary active protection technology to provide instant protection for your PC against malicious threats.Active protection can analyze and prevent new threats in milliseconds, compared to hours with traditional techniques.In the face of emerging online threats, active protection technology is the best choice to ensure your security.
McAfee’s security products use award-winning technology that is not only easy to install, but also offers unlimited email and chat assistance.McAfee ensures that you have the latest security protection against changing threats on the Internet during your subscription period with continuous automatic updates.