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Kaspersky is an anti-virus software, it can be a computer, tablets and other devices to protect the safety of the Internet.Kaspersky function is wrongOften powerful, it carries on the multifaceted protection, the real-time defense computer virus.Kaspersky offers a full-featured security solution that can withstand the most commonCyber threat.Kaspersky features:
Anti-malware protection – real-time defense against computer viruses and network threats
Network protection – protects your data and funds when you are doing online banking, shopping or surfing the web
Identity protection – protects personally identifiable information through kaspersky virtual keyboard and secure keyboard technology
Anti-phishing protection – prevents cyber criminals from collecting personal information
Advanced parental control – to help children access the Internet safely
Secure payments protect your money when you do online banking or shoppingWith kaspersky security software, kaspersky is unique whenever you try to log on to an online bank, an online payment system or an online shopping websiteFull payment technology can protect your money and personal information in the following ways:
Compare the URL of the site to the secure site databaseCheck the certificate used to establish a secure connection to prevent you from being directed to the fake siteCheck for vulnerabilities in any operating system on your computer that could affect your e-banking businessAutomatically open the site in kaspersky’s special secure payment mode for an additional layer of security that prevents theft of personal and financial information
Secure keyboards and virtual keyboards prevent your data from being logged by the keyloggerCybercriminals use keyloggers and screenshots of malware to log bank account information, credit card Numbers or other important information entered through a user’s keyboard,Kaspersky security software includes two special security technologies:
Secure keyboard – kaspersky’s secure keyboard feature is activated whenever you visit an online banking or payment site, or enter a password on any web page.A secure keyboard allows you to enter data through a computer’s physical keyboard so that your information is not captured by the keylogger.
Virtual keyboard – instead of typing sensitive information (such as passwords and account details) through the keyboard, allows you to enter data with multiple mouse clicksYour vital information will not be tracked or stolen by keyloggers, hackers and identity thieves.
Automatic vulnerability intrusion protection,Even if the latest patches and patches have not yet been installed on your computer and the applications you are running on it, kaspersky security software can do the followingPrevent vulnerabilities from being exploited:
Controls the startup of executable files in applications that contain vulnerabilities,Analyze the behavior of executable files to identify similarities to malicious programs,Restrict the allowed way in which a buggy application can run.
Trusted application patterns
This new kaspersky security technology USES kaspersky’s whitelist service information to limit which applications are allowed to run on your computer.kappaSky is the only cybersecurity software vendor with its own whitelist lab.The lab can evaluate applications to determine customers in their programCalculate whether the application running on the machine is safe.When trusted application mode is enabled, only applications specified by kaspersky as “trusted” can run on your computer.All other applicationsThe program will be restricted.
Resist lock screen malware
Lockscreen trojans can prevent users from using their computers unless they pay a “ransom” to remove lockscreen restrictions.If cybercriminals try to use the lock screen Trojan controlYour computer, just activate kaspersky against the lock screen Trojan protection, kaspersky security software will:Terminate all dangerous processes and initiate relevant virus treatment measures.