Avira AntiVirus

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Avira AntiVirus is an excellent AntiVirus program.Avira AntiVirus is made in Germany and has won many international awards.Avira AntiVirus is very stable, and it is the only antivirus provider that ensures that no third party or government can access or snoop on its customers’ data.Avira AntiVirus scanning speed, and its system resource occupancy is very good, Avira AntiVirus is very suitable for older machines and more resource-constrained machines.
Avira AntiVirus easy to install, fast scan, high detection, low resource occupancy.
Avira AntiVirus got the first place among the 16 anti-virus software evaluated by the authoritative anti-virus software evaluation organization in the world.
Avira AntiVirus ranked no. 1 in malware (adware, spyware, etc.) ratings.
The virus protection of Avira AntiVirus runs smoothly in the background without affecting the user to use the computer.
Support network update.
More than 1.6 million viruses can be accurately detected and removed.
In the function contrast test each index is among the best.
Real-time virus guardian can monitor all kinds of file operations.
Built-in firewall (Avira Premium Security Suite version only).
Protect against large unknown viruses.