AVG Anti-Virus

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AVG anti-virus is a free anti-virus software from the Czech republic, can be real-time detection of new computer files, E-mail, prevent Virus invasion, can strongly resist spyware, adware, Trojan and other viruses, to ensure the security of computer data.
The power-on protection function of AVG anti-virus can detect the open Virus when the computer is turned on and prevent the Virus infection of the open Virus.The anti-virus function of the software is exceptionally strong, besides can scan diskette, hard disk, optical disk machine, also can scan to the network diskette, when scanning, also can scan only to diskette, hard disk, a certain directory on the cd-rom machine.AVG can scan file type Virus, macrovirus, compressed file, if found in the scan file infected with Virus, will be infected with Virus files isolated to AVG Virus VauIt, to be scanned after the completion of detoxification.
AVG anti-virus is extremely safe and perfectly protected.An effective solution to the next generation of security threats spreading over the Internet, to secure your data, protect your privacy, and protect against spyware, adware, trojans, dialing programs, keyloggers, and worms.Under the easy-to-use interface, we provide you with advanced scanning and detection methods as well as the most cutting-edge technology, av programs can only provide against the threat of crisis outbreak, such as trojans, worms, dial-up procedures, hijacking, Spyware and keyloggers limited protection, which is the AVG Anti – Spyware protection starting point, it can complement the existing safety application to create a complete security system, because only a complete security system can work effectively.