• Avira AntiVirus

    Avira AntiVirus

    Avira AntiVirus is an excellent AntiVirus program.Avira AntiVirus is made in Germany and has won many international awards.Avira AntiVirus is very stable, and it is the only antivirus provider that ensures that no third party or government can access or snoop on its customers’ data.Avira AntiVirus scanning speed, and its system resource occupancy is very good, Avira AntiVirus is very suitable for older machines and more resource-constrained machines. Avira AntiVirus easy to install, fast scan, high detection, low resource occupancy. Avira AntiVirus got the first place among the 16 anti-virus software evaluated by the authoritative anti-virus software evaluation organization in the world. Avira AntiVirus ranked no. 1 in malware (adware, spyware, etc.) ratings. The virus protection of Avira AntiVirus runs…

  • McAfee


    McAfee’s anti-virus software runs silently in the background and has unparalleled performance.It will not reduce the speed of the PC, the fast boot, shutdown scanning has a very good efficiency.McAfee anti-virus software is the next generation of scanning engine, with fast speed and the process and the characteristics of the digital file for a full scan, can help users to detect and remove viruses, and at the same time it also has VShield automatic monitoring System, the resident will be in the System Tray, when you are on the disk, network, E-mail clip file open files will automatically detect file security. Whether you are an expert or a novice, the McAfee VirusScan Plus combination of anti-virus and firewall allows everyone…